Controlled recording of images
Magna from Canada  [4 posts]
13 year
I think this task should be fairly simple but maybe someone can kick start me on this one. We have a machine that welds parts and then unloads them to a bin using a pick and place system. On the rare occasion the machine allegedly unloads an incomplete part which is caught downstream in the process but which is a concern for management. I want to have a laptop mounted by the machine with two USB webcams one of which will continuously record the unloading process and the second which records detail at the dropoff point. Each time the pick and place reaches the dropoff point the controlling industrial computer will send a signal to a Phidgets I/O board telling Roborealm to record & save a single image from the detail camera to disk. The image has no extra processing other than perhaps the addition of date and time text. Roborealm acknowledges the recording via a handshake signal through the Phidgets I/O board after which the pick and place drops the part and returns to get the next part. At some future time a person then manually reviews all the single images to look for any showing an incomplete part. When found, they can then refer to the video recording to see what went wrong. I do not wish to attempt to have Roborealm detect the incomplete part at this time.

Can someone please advise the easiest way to do this? Thanks.
EDV  [328 posts] 13 year
I think you could use DVR Server plugin for this task because it allows archiving parameters and video data simultaneously:

Technical Details

- ring video/parametric archive with duration of 1 - 12 months;

- configurable database record (for parametric data) with maximal length of 190 bytes;

- writing of parameters to database with discretization 250 ms;

- the DVR Client can work simultaneously with four databases that can be located at remote computers.

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