payner  [1 posts]
13 year
Hi Gang,

Just looking for some newbie help... is it possible with Roborealm to:

Use the motion detection to get N number of points along a smooth edge of motion.  Maybe create a shape around the motion and get points on that?

thanks in advance.
AM_ZEN from United States  [6 posts] 13 year
You can do it though it may be tricky depending on the item and/or it's feature that you would like to track.  You will likely need to tag a feature on that object so that you can track its location as it moves.  Using either the cogX in combination with other modules or Object recognition feature can accomplish this and will store the tagged features value  as X,Y cooridinates that are positive ("First Quadrant Type") values.  If you look in the samples for Red Ball recognition this should clarify one method for doing this.  Hopefully  this helps you some.
Anonymous 13 year
Not sure if this is what you want but you can threshold the movement to create a white mask/blob and then use the Sample Curve module to get X number of points from the outline of that mask/blob.



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