Communications to Allen Bradley PLCs
Magna from Canada  [4 posts]
13 year
If this software proves effective and reliable I would like to use it in our production plant(s). The PC platform must communicate the results to an Allen Bradley Logix PLC over Ethernet. I think I could do it using the serial port but I don't want to unless I have to. Has anyone done this and if so could you please advise what method you used. Either CIP messaging or Ethernet/IP.
Anonymous 13 year

You can perform socket communication using the following module


Note that as a PLC would communicate in its own way you would need to know the communication protocol and talk that same protocol with the module. If you want to try this out look for a simple PLC command that would need to be sent to the PLC and see if the socket module can be used to send that signal to the PLC.


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