Distrubutor Server Behind router
8 years
I have roborealm hooked up to my robot which has a netbook attached. I want to control this robot remotely from my laptop. I tried using a remote desktop program (team viewer), but it was way too slow and the keyboard response was sketchy.

When I found out about distributor server and client I thought I had found a miracle. However, this robot would be for use over a LAN in which I do not have access to the router. Using the given distributor server IP with the module does not work when I try and connect from client module. Is there any way I could get these modules to work, perhaps over the internet? They seem alot better then using a remote desktop application as you can specify which information to send and receive.

Anonymous 8 years
Okay I dont think the Distributor server is going to work. I am wondering if someone could tell me how to create a control interface? I want to control the robot through remote desktop, but when I press keys from my controller computer it doesnt respond very well.

I am thinking having my own control interface may speed this process. Thanks.
Anonymous 8 years
The Distributor Server and client ARE meant to be used over the Internet. What is most likely happening is that your Router is blocking the communications on 7070. You could test to see if you change this port to 80 on both client and server and see if that works better. Port 80 is the browser port which is normally passed through.

You could also start the webserver in RR (see Options Button->Web Server tab) and see if you can access your bot from other the web. By modifying the index.html page provided you can add in additional controls that change variables back in RoboRealm.

Anonymous 8 years
Thanks for your response  Steven.

Because I had WinXP on one computer and Windows 7 on the other I had issues with networking them, but after the Distribuitive Server and Client worked like a charm.

I am wondering though, how could I create a control interface? I had to carefully choose my control keys in order to prevent pressing hotkeys etc, but from the documentation it seems that the best way to run something like this would be to have a control interface.

Could you give me a start on how something like this could be created? I know a moderate amount of C++ and can work VBScript okay, but I don't know any graphical languages.


Anonymous 8 years

For a quick approach that just uses buttons you can check out the Button Interface.


For more in depth interfaces have a look at the API example

API\C++\MS Visual Studio\Sample_API_App

which uses a very basic interface in C++. You can probably take it from there with a bit of reading about Visual Studios drag and drop interface builder.

Or you could certainly build an interface in vb.net or csharp which are a little easier to handle than c++. Regarless, you will be spending some time learning about the visual stuido design tools and GUI processing in windows ... which does take some effort to fully master.

What kind of interface are you looking to build? Perhaps it is something we can build a module for?


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