How does new Floor Finder work with old settings?
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Hi STeven,

I'm having some difficulty getting the new Floor Finder module to work as nicely as the old one did.   For example, my old Floor Finder setup looked like this:


which worked quite well with a Rovio set with its head all the way down.  However, when used directly with the new Floor Finder, I simply get a uniform white screen.  I've tried tweaking all the new parameters but nothing I try does nearly as good a job as the old module.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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The flood finder did undergo some seperation in terms of color and intensity which were combined before. If was found that better control over certain images was improved by this.

But given you had such good results we will attempt to add back in the combined method since it still has some merit and less parameters to deal with.

Can you post a quick image that we can verify against? Obviously the ones we were using may have missed a required aspect.

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Thanks STeven,

I have attached a typical image as well as the .robo file that used to work quite well to isolate much of the carpet in this image.



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Ver 2.26.18 has the RGB mode back in. This has a different enough behaviour to the Color+Intensity modes to bring it back in. You original files should now work as before.

Just for trial and error, attached is a robofile that uses just the color and intensity filters to do a similar job to your RGB version. The reason for detaching the two is that you can blur the intensity area a lot more than the color area which works better for shadowed areas (the main reason for the change). Since the RGB values are a combination of color and intensity this is hard to do in that mode.

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Many thanks STeven.  I'm back in business and can now better migrate to the new filters.


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Now that's what I call Customer Service + Satisfaction!
Keep up the outstanding work Steven!

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