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Christian  [13 posts]
9 years
i am using roborealm for my final year project and i am expected to explain the process of my image analysis and show the code of what i am doing. is there a way to view the generated source code of my work? would be nice if this is possible.
Anonymous 9 years
RoboRealm does not generate source code based on the robofile. It executes the file as is and does not need to be compiled. The best you can do it to list the modules in the pipeline and explain what each one does. If you are confused about any particular module let us know and we can help with an explanation. Please check the help pages first though.

Christian  [13 posts] 9 years
Thanks STeven,
Okay, I am using the "Grayscal", "Threshold" and the "Crop" functionin that order for my image processing. if You remeber your help with this, http://www.roborealm.com/forum/index.php?thread_id=3637#4

What i am concern about is things like the size of the Smoothing mask used for the  "Thresholding" and so on. It would be nice to be able to analyse the core of these filters. I will be glad if you could help to give details of the above filters.

Anonymous 9 years

The threshold does not have a smoothing mask (unless you are referring to the adaptive threshold technique which was not used in the above robofile). The auto-threshold used uses the Otsu thresholding technique (google that and you will find how that is done). The other two, Grayscale and Crop are quite simple. Grayscale converts colors to gray using G = (R+G+B)/3 where G is the final gray value and RGB are the 3 color values that represent a pixel. Crop is likewise quite simple, given the X and Y coordinates for all 4 corners it simply extracts out that inner square from the current image and replaces it with that inner square.

The last module used in the previous robofile, the Blob Filter modules, just connects pixels that touch each other together into blobs or collections of touching pixels. It then generates statistics on these blobs and decides based on the thresholds you provide as to remove them or not. Most of the stats are quite easy to calculate like size (i.e. number of connected pixels in the blob) or Tallest (blob with the most Y max - Y min pixel location), etc.


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