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Christian  [13 posts]
9 years
Ok! i have a frame captured by my robot (this frame is a road picture of black & white binary pixels).

My question is, is there a tool in RR that let you get rid of the parts i am not interested in on the frame? something like cloud romoval, or just cutting off some part of the frame? i basically just want to see the white lines of the road.

Any help will be well appreciated.


Anonymous 9 years

Yes, that's basically what RoboRealm does. However, you can't just tell it "Please remove the clouds" but instead tell it remove all white objects that are in this approximate location in the image. Or more specifically look for light objects that appear straight are well defined and are located in the lower part of the image ... and remove everything else. (I.e. focus on the white lines). There are always more than one way to accomplish the task.

If you attach the image here we can send back a robofile that will accomplish this task for you to play with.

Christian  [13 posts] 9 years

Thanks very much STeven, here are the frames (5 pictures 160x120 pixels). The very first on the list is for illustration of what I want to achieve.  The regions I mark with the red line across are the parts I don't want. Perhaps I will be enlightened when reply.

Anonymous 9 years
Most of this can be done using the Blob Filter.

We use the auto-threshold to ensure that we are working with only binary object (something you may not need to do if the above images are a result of other filters).

Then in the blob filter we select objects larger than 100 pixels, whose height is about at or above 20% of image height and whose perimiter / area ratio is above 30% (the last one removes large rounder objects).

This set seems to work on the images you sent ... naturally we would recommend testing on many more images to ensure that those attributes are the right ones.

Robofile attached ...

Christian  [13 posts] 9 years
This is great! what can i say? THANK YOU! works great!!!

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