controlling make controller using .net C#
Brian Banta from United States  [7 posts]
14 year
I'm working on building an autonomous rover using the make controller. The idea is to have it roaming around sending data back, location, temp, GPS, speed and a camera feed over a wireless network and then a base computer reads the data and displays it and shows the camera feed using roborealm to outlining obstacols and sending data back to the controller for avoiding the objects. I'm writing the firmware on teh controller in python and and using OSC (open sound control) to send data back and forth between the controller and the computer, there isn't a module that uses OSC, so what I'm wondering is if I could write a script in VB that talks to a program written in .net C# that then sends OSC messages over the network to the controller. Is this possible with out allot of work?
Anonymous 14 year

I'm not sure if you mean OSC on the microcontroller or the computer? RoboRealm has an OSC module at


that should do the job on the PC side of things. In terms of on the microcontroller that is a little out of our domain. The OSC protocol is not particularly hard on a PC given sockets but on an MCU that might be a different story.


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