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Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts]
9 years
I look for it but apparently there is no way to overlay a image (bmp, jpg, marker) in a set XY from a variable (like a cog/blob xy).

The display image can show markers but not bmp's and the X Y don't allow variables.

And i even need a orientation variable for the picture.

Is there any way atm?
Anonymous 9 years

Have a look at


Basically you put [x] and [y] into where you would type the numbers for the X Y location (i.e. select that radio button and type in [x] and [y] assuming that x and y contain the location to place the image).

Anonymous 9 years

If you grab the latest copy of RR you will see the rotation interface in the Display Image module. This also accepts [variable] to rotate the image in the Z plane.


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