USB relay out board
Jay  [5 posts]
9 years
I have a usb relay output/input board (j-works.com) left over from another project.  I was wondering if anyone has implimented such a device within roborealm before. Writing a new module is out of my leage (has never stopped me before though) and i would hate to spend a few weeks working on something that has already been done. I do have a pretty intimate knowledge of cognex's DVT software but i have never has to write code for interfacing before. Anyhelp or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous 9 years

Yes that looks to be a bit daunting. While we do have the ability to write plugins for RoboRealm working with USB is a little tricky unless you are familiar with that process. If you need something very simple perhaps the generic USB module


might be something to look at but it is unlikely that they expose their device as a HID device.

Other than that contacting the company and asking them to help out might be the way to go.

Jay  [5 posts] 9 years
Steven, yea my forhead is a little sore from banging against the monitor. Not from the usb part but from trying to make visual c++ express work with mfc. The manufacturer provided many source code examples and classes so now that i can work with mfc it should be relatively easy...  the next big problem is getting  camera setup that is capable of 30++ fps
Jay  [5 posts] 9 years
after much additional head banging I have written... rrr... (extreamly butchered  the swapcolor.dll source code) to come up with an interface for certain j-works usb relay cards is it appropriate to post it?  i am sure its really in demand :)
anyway i still hate programing but at least my little relay card clicks when i tell it to.
Anonymous 9 years

By all means please post away! We will take a quick look and offer any suggestions that might help the module work better with RoboRealm.

Ha, you'll see, you'll slowly get hooked into programming ... it's a slippery slope once you've tasted any success! :-)

Great job!

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