Dlink DCS-950
Jafni from Malaysia  [29 posts]
9 years
Hello.. I have camera Dlink DCS-950 and I had try to use DLink-Internet-Camera and Read_HTTP module but one of them  are not working in Roborealm, can you show me how it work and how should I use this camera?? I really need your help to solve this problem because I'm stuck here..
Anonymous 9 years

You seem to just keep posting this message. We have tracked it in 3 threads.


Perhaps you could just focus on this thread, please?

If you look at the other thread we have asked if you can make your camera available over the internet in which case we could send you a robofile with things configured. It is not hard to get the DLink DCS950 working so something may be wrong with your camera. Check that MPEG mode is enabled and that you are using the right username/password.

Note that cameras change all the time even within the same model. There is  a possibility that your camera is different in someway that causes the module to fail. Having access to your camera over the internet will help determine this.

Jafni from Malaysia  [29 posts] 9 years
Thank's a lot, I will try again to connect this wireless camera.. I'm so sorry because I didn't get your email before.. Thank's again...
Jafni from Malaysia  [29 posts] 9 years
I'm also so sorry because that camera are not with me right now, can you try at other time?? Like tomorrow?

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