Detect Horizontal Lines
san from India  [5 posts]
9 years
I want to detect horizontal lines in an Image. How can I do this?
I faced one more problem. I can not control the pan & tilt motion of a Logitech Orbit Camera using Motion tab in Camera_Properties module.
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 9 years
Please post a sample image that you would like to detect horizontal lines in.  

Which version of the Orbit are you using?  (AF etc)  What is the date on the driver?  RR works fine with my older Orbit and drivers.  You might try some different(older) driver versions.

good luck!
san from India  [5 posts] 9 years
Sir, this is pic. of the horizontal line, I want to detect.

and I am using the new version driver of the ORBIT Cam - come with QuickCam 10. Where I can get the older version driver for this cam?
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 9 years
Thanks for the image.  I am attaching a couple of processed images and a .robo file.  You also should look in detail at the tutorial on visual line following:

san from India  [5 posts] 9 years
Thank you sir for the robo file. But actually there is vertical white broken lines which the robot should follow and it should stop at horizontal line.
So, I need to differentiate the vertical and horizontal lines. How will I do this?  
Anonymous 9 years

Assuming that the broken lines are always smaller then the large horizontal line you might be able to stop when you see a really large line? This can be done by using the above segmentation technique and then by using the Blob Size module to remove all lines smaller than a set amount. Once you get an object that passes this size criteria you would just stop.

Does that work?

In your testing you might want to take a video of your robot moving and post it somewhere where we can see a couple images in sequence. We will typically record (use the AVI_WRITE module) to save a short sequence that we then experiment with instead of using the actual robot. I'd recommend that when testing out a new environment as I do notice some shadows in the above image which means you are outside ... this can be a very dangerous environment for vision. Be sure to test a LOT of images on different days as color and lighting will change significantly.


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