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subpixel calculation and write variables [3]
oops, cannot upload .tif files... anyway, the image is a corner of a simple rectangle. ...
7 year 4 1647
subpixel calculation and write variables [0]
Hi Steven, I have a simple fiducial (see image). I use the harris corner module to find the corner...
7 year 4 1647
subpixel calculation and write variables
in the write variable module, can Roborealm export pixel variables as subpixel values (decimal instead of integer)? For example ...
7 year 4 1647
OCR, 1D and 2D codes
can you read all these codes? OCR Code 39 1D Code 93 1D
6 year 2 1996
write variables csv format
I generated some blobs in geometric statistics module, then I used the write variables module with settings in attached jpg (CRL...
7 year 2 2008
barcode decoding
This image has a code 128 barcode. However, I need to select all the following module check boxes before the result code show up...
6 year 1 2042
datamatrix read orientation
I have a datamatrix that consistently read when it is aligned to the camera pixels, it read around 0 deg, 90 deg, 180 deg and 27...
7 year 2 2151
blob sum pixel values
is there any variables that report the sum of all pixel values inside a blob? does it report every blob in the blob array? ...
7 year 2 2175
OCR support this font? [3]
thanks Steven, turns out I did not rotate the OCR to "upright" orientation...
6 year 3 2197
OCR support this font?
Does OCR module support this type of numeric font? I cannot read it after threshold and fill module.
6 year 3 2197
what is COG_X in auto image calibration
in automatic image calibration dialog box, what is the calibration type: COG_X COG_Y? I do not see description in help. ...
7 year 2 2605
automatic image calibration parameters [5]
thanks Steven, having the corner coordinates help me a lot, is that the original (warped) corners ...
7 year 6 2848
automatic image calibration parameters [3]
thanks Steven for the new feature. Follow up questions: can you provide the equation that does the...
7 year 6 2848
automatic image calibration parameters
I want to do automatic calibration in one script, and then load these calibration parameters and warp images when I run another ...
7 year 6 2848

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