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Sensor stream/ Compass into RR [4]
Another possibility is to get the sensor data from a tablet running full windows 8....some have a nice onboard compass, gyro etc...
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Sensor stream/ Compass into RR [3]
This is the app I'm using that ties directly to EZ builder which from RR can read the variables
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Sensor stream/ Compass into RR
EZ=Robot does a nice job of importing the sensor stream compass data which seems to be a very smooth and stable heading from the...
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Laser scanner [3]
Thank you for your help.  Yes it is definitely big enough for a laptop so I agree that wireless is one less headache t...
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Laser scanner
I am embarking on a project which will require reactive navigation.   I have acquired a long range LIDAR hokuyu(sp?), ...
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How easily would the Leddar unit interface with roborealm?...
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Outdoor tracking of three objects
I am planning on using an elevated view looking down on an area approximately 100ftx100ft.   I need to track at most t...
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