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vehicle counting [3]
Thanks steven. I done this. Now I am trying to identify special vehicle using vehicle No or some large sticker. <...
4 years 4 1348
vehicle counting
hi, I try to do this post. ...
4 years 4 1348
save data to file
hi, I am new to here. I need to know how to save data in file. file will be .txt or .xls. as exampl...
4 years 2 1036
xvid codec not workintg
Hi, I am trying to install plugin DVR server. version 0.3. xvid codec is not responding. I install ...
4 years 5 740
xvid codec not workintg [5]
Now it's fix. thanks for advice....
4 years 5 740
xvid codec not workintg [3]
sir, I done your advice. but still i can't play video. After I format my pc then re install . but same problem. please advice me...
4 years 5 740

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