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getVariables error [3]
STeven, Perhaps I didn't explain the problem correctly. The issue I'm having is the opposite to what you describ...
5 years 4 872
getVariables error
I've noted the following problem when I request a variable using the API in C#, but the problem applies to the API in general. ...
5 years 4 872
roborealm loses configuration [3]
Unfortunately the parameters for flip horizontal and vertical are not included on the Camera_Properties module. Is it possible t...
5 years 4 1228
roborealm loses configuration
I've noticed that roborealm does not always startup with the same configuration settings. In particular the Video...
5 years 4 1228
Problem with API
I updated to v2.61.18 today and there appears to be a problem with the API. When I try connect a C# application which worked per...
5 years 1 844
Area of region [5]
Steven, Thank you, the new version seems to work very well. Padraig...
5 years 5 1414
Area of region [3]
Area based upon number of pixels is exactly what I would like to do, and should be accurate enough for my purposes. Is there an ...
5 years 5 1414
Area of region
I'm try to use RR to calculate the area of two round, but not exactly circular, regions in an image. By using edge dection (as ...
5 years 5 1414

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