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Kinect Depth Image [3]
I don't think power's the problem. 1) The Kinect is powered off a 12 volt SLA battery through an automotive voltage regulator th...
5 years 3 1423
Kinect Depth Image
I have an original Kinect that I'm using with a Dell Latitude i5 Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I've followed the instructions for ins...
5 years 3 1423
Detecting room light level [3]
I see what you mean about the autoadjust feature.  With autoadjust turned off, I can reliably see a difference in the ...
11 years 6 1671
Detecting room light level
Is there a way to measure / report the light level in the room using RR?  I'd like my robot to know when it's gettin...
11 years 6 1671
Motion Detection
Can RR do motion detection? I've been using RR for several weeks - it's awesome!  I'm ...
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