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same [3]
So upon further investagation I found the sampling coming from within the Sample Color, there were boxes to move. However, now w...
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same [2]
I am trying to do the exact same thing. I downloaded your RR file so I could try to apply it to my footage. I 100% understand yo...
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Blob counting [2]
So I have my footage that is tracking movement to produce blobs. I then track the blobs giving them an ID. And finally have a bl...
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Help playing Avi [6]
Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know I got it working. I tried a bunch of different compressions, ...
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Help playing Avi [4]
Sure that is not a problem. I have a filefront account I could post it to and supply a link, would that work?
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Help playing Avi [2]
I'm attempting to use footage I have been collecting of traffic, and have RR count the cars. My fi...
10 years 5 2582

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