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Basler Camera II [6]
Pete, Do you have a utility from Basler that you can use to configure the camera?  If so,...
9 year 17 5055
Basler Camera II [14]
Hi Pete, If you cannot disable the firewall on the Windows 7 machine (I'm assuming you were able t...
9 year 17 5055
Automated archery scoring [13]
Since the solution I provided give the coordinates of the tip, one possibility would be to create a look up table of the image, ...
10 year 14 2768
Automated archery scoring [10]
Here is a more complete solution.  Now it attempts to locate the tip of the arrow, where it enters the target....
10 year 14 2768
Automated archery scoring [6]
This will get you a bit farther along. Essentially, you need to figure where the tip of the arrow i...
10 year 14 2768
Automated archery scoring [4]
If you have trouble seeing the arrow in the black ring area, you can try removing the IR filter of you camera, if it can be done...
10 year 14 2768
Automated archery scoring [3]
The key to success in this type of application is to make sure the subject, camera, and illumination remain fixed during the acq...
10 year 14 2768
Color/texture matching [2]
Given the number of variations that are possible, this type of inspection needs to be able to "learn" wht is good and what is ...
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Human Following [3]
The Tee-Shirt idea is a good start.  You can make use of fiducials printed on the tee shirt to give the robot cues.&nb...
11 year 4 2325
Go Pro [3]
GoPro cameras do not, to my knowledge, support streaming over USB or WiFi. In most cases (Kinect, a...
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Web Server - Ip Addresses [2]
I'm wondering if it is possible to display information about the connections to the web server.  IP Address, Duration...
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