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Sero movment rates and Query servo position [2]
Hi there, I was sifting through some code on the forums.  I came across  this: ...
7 years 2 758
AVM Navigator Trained object file location [2]
Hello there, I'm wanting to delete some of my trained objects.  where would I find the t...
7 years 2 1673
Servo movement deadband [6]
OK I did some checking into this a bit more.  Using the original code from above, It is always hunting after it tracks...
7 years 9 2222
Sero movment rates and Query servo position [3]
OK correct me if I'm wrong here, I was checking out the module and COG_X. I unplugged my pan servo then watched C...
7 years 2 758
Servo movement deadband [8]
The Camera not being mounted to the servo does still tell the servos to move when the red object passes the camera. it's just t...
7 years 9 2222
Servo movement deadband [9]
I'm Going to order some 12 Vdc High torque servos and see if the probem persists. I did turn the s...
7 years 9 2222

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