Sero movment rates and Query servo position
Robert from China  [6 posts]
7 years
Hi there,

I was sifting through some code on the forums.  I came across  this:

  ' adjust rate
  diff = GetVariable("servo_1_pos") - GetVariable("end_servo_1_pos")
  if diff < 0 then diff = - diff
  if diff < 1000 then
    SetVariable "channel_1_rate", 3000
  elseif diff < 500 then
    SetVariable "channel_1_rate", 2000
  elseif diff < 100 then
    SetVariable "channel_1_rate", 100
  end if

But It leaves me with a few questions.
1.  diff = GetVariable("servo_1_pos") - GetVariable("end_servo_1_pos")

I take it that GetVariable("servo_1_pos") can be had from my set variable for the x servo commanded position from the COG_X variable, but  GetVariable("end_servo_1_pos") leaves me wondering where that is taken from.

I have been searching for the last 3 days trying to figure out how to get that number.

I tried to use that code Like it was but not only could I not find end_servo_1_pos. I also could not get the rate to change in the SSC-32 module.

2.  So just how do I go about reading it end position and setting the actual servo movenent rate?


Robert from China  [6 posts] 7 years
OK correct me if I'm wrong here, I was checking out the module and COG_X.
I unplugged my pan servo then watched COG_X.  It would seem to me that COG_X is the real "end_servo_1_pos" variable.

so I should be able to assign COG_X to the "end_servo_1_pos" variable
would that be correct?

That being said then that just leaves me with how to query the servos current position and how to change the rate.

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