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Add an update button to RR [2]
Have you ever considered adding an Update button to RR.  Its kind of a pain in the @55 to go back and find the origina...
12 year 2 2035
GPS Waypoints [2]
Is there an easy way to integrate GPS into my project?  I am pretty new to programming VB.  I want to use th...
12 year 1 1629
Interface sugestions [3]
I second that!...
12 year 3 1762
Introducing the RR Crawler! [2]
I built this crawler out of an old Power Wheels monster truck.  I used the powered wheels and built a custom steel cra...
12 year 2 2104
Can I merge AVM with external control [3]
I assume I would use the AVM - NV_L_MOTOR & NV_R_MOTOR variables in some way?...
12 year 4 2277
Can I merge AVM with external control [2]
Hey I was just wondering if it was possible to merge my existing RR program with AVM.  I want be able to control my bo...
12 year 4 2277
Roboard module servos not moving [6]
Do you think you can expand on exactly what you did?  I am trying to upgrade to .NET 4.0 and it just keeps hanging.&nb...
12 year 6 3694
Roboard module servos not moving [4]
Hey Austin Did you ever figure out the problem?  Please advise, it looks like I can't ge...
12 year 6 3694
Joystick to Sabertooth [2]
I am using the Joystick module and the Sabertooth module.  I need to scale down the Joystick movements from (-1000 to ...
12 year 3 3303
Distributor [4]
Thanks Steven,  I don't this the client program was attached...
12 year 4 2872
Distributor [2]
Hello, I am trying to use a Client/Server infrastructure using the Client/Server Distributor.  If I am using a Roboard...
12 year 4 2872

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