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saving an image of highlighted object [4]
Hi, Thanks for the quick update on saving the recognized objects as JPG. I downloaded...
5 years 4 1274
Face detection [4]
Hello STeven, Thanks for your inputs. I tried using the skin filter for face detectio...
5 years 4 2347
saving an image of highlighted object [2]
Hi, Recently I upgraded my Roborealm license to version v2.46.32 and AVM Navigator PlugIn to versio...
5 years 4 1274
Learning AVM object recognition module using available templates [2]
Hello, I have a database of human eye object image template (.jpg files) of size 80x80.
5 years 4 1301
Face detection [2]
Hello STeven, In one of my application, I am using Roborealm (license ver 2.47.4). ...
5 years 4 2347
Using RoboRealmAPIs fromMatlab [4]
Hi STeven, Thanks for the update. I'll try using this API in MATLAB and let you know...
6 years 3 928
Using RoboRealmAPIs fromMatlab [2]
Hi, I am using Roborealm and APIs for one of my academic projects in Eye Tracking and camera positi...
6 years 3 928
Automating the learn object process in AVM navigator [2]
Hello, I am using the AVM navigator v0.7.4.1. I want to automate the learn object process for a det...
5 years 2 1445
Write Image Files [2]
Hello STeven, Regarding Write Image Files command, I request following information: ...
5 years 1 679
Write Images [2]
When 'Write Images <file path\\file name>' command is executed, it opens 'Write Image File' dialig box. In order to sa...
5 years 1 688

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