Using RoboRealmAPIs fromMatlab
Kamlesh Thakur from India  [32 posts]
12 year

I am using Roborealm and APIs for one of my academic projects in Eye Tracking and camera positioning. I could do this implementation (of-course with support from Roborealm and AVM) in Roborealm IDE using AVM plugin. Now, I want to implement the same in MATLAB. Is it possible to use the Roborealm APIs directly from MATLAB. If yes then what are the interfaces available to invoke Roborealm APIs from matlab engine?
Anonymous 12 year

If you download the API.zip from


and navigate to the MatLab folder you can see a RoboRealm.dll and test.m file that shows you how to use the RR api from Matlab.

Hopefully this should be enought to get you started.

Kamlesh Thakur from India  [32 posts] 12 year
Hi STeven,

Thanks for the update.
I'll try using this API in MATLAB and let you know about my further queries, if any.

Best Regards,
Kamlesh Thakur

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