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Using Arrays element as coordinate in Sample_Color [4]
Thanks for the great service!...
7 years 3 1722
Write_AVI [4]
Attached is the file where I am having problems.  The "Write_Avi" statement near the end will not work.
7 years 5 1397
Write_AVI [6]
STeven, Thanks, it is encoding now, but there seems to be a bug in the encoded video dimensions.
7 years 5 1397
Using Arrays element as coordinate in Sample_Color [2]
I would like to use Array elements as coordinates in the Sample_Color function but cannot get it to work.  Usually cra...
7 years 3 1722
Video_Frame variable  incorrect [2]
I am using Media Reader to read a .mp4 video. I need an accurate variable of what frame the source video is on.
6 years 2 1694
Write_AVI [2]
I am trying to use the Write_AVI Module to output my processed video to a file. I am finding the Wr...
7 years 5 1397

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