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mini maestro problem [7]
STeven, I am guessing that you never sleep??? v 2.21.1 works perfectly...
7 years 12 6220
mini maestro problem [5]
Steven, Well I was using a trial version of the software, however, I hoped that v 2.21.0 would solve my problem so...
7 years 12 6220
mini maestro problem [2]
I am using a pololu mini maestro 12. whenever I launch my roborealm software, it recognizes my camera without a problem, but whe...
7 years 12 6220
scripting issue [2]
OK I've Really tried to work this out. I am attempting to control a slider in pololu mini maestro ...
8 years 4 1321
scripting issue [4]
I can see where this does look a bit confused. I am not actually controling a servo at all. I used servo1value as a default sinc...
8 years 4 1321
Joystick control of servos [4]
Thanks STeven, I was using Info from a post in the forums and was changing the values of my joystic...
8 years 3 5069
Joystick control of servos [2]
I am very new to RoboRealm and am really loving it. I am controlling a mini maestro 12 servo contro...
8 years 3 5069

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