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AVR Navigator [8]
Dave, Can you to explain me the battery system of your robot? My robot using the RD02 kif of Devant...
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RD02 Devantech [5]
Thanks Steven, I am working now with the MCU conmunicator module and is good for me. Congratulations...
8 years 4 3193
RD02 Devantech [3]
Steven, sorry is Arduino Duemilanove not Diecimila. The RD02 kit have the MD25 motor control including control for encoders. Is ...
8 years 4 3193
RD02 Devantech [2]
Hey Steve, How I can to connect the RD02 Devantech Kit with RR?. Can you or somebody to help me. I have Arduino Di...
8 years 4 3193

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