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Parrot AR Drone [8]
Pretty awesome, althought it is probably a bit more expensive.. I couldn't even find the price, is it available?...
10 years 18 5943
Parrot AR Drone [5]
Yes, Steven, Have you looked at the AR Drone SDK?  Could you build a module that would interface with ro...
10 years 18 5943
Parrot AR Drone [3]
This would be extremely awesome.  I purchased one last month and have now downloaded the sdk.  Th drone is s...
10 years 18 5943
Parrot AR Drone [14]
Stephen, Any word yet?  I  am anxiously awaiting..... What is it that you are wa...
10 years 18 5943
Parrot AR Drone [12]
Stephen,   Have you heard from parrot about the AR Drone interface? The SDK is available.....
10 years 18 5943
RoboRealm Socket [2]
Is there a socket interface to connect 2 copies of RoboRealm together? I was wanting to use the Joystick functiona...
11 years 2 1623
Has anyone interfaced RoboRealm with a USBMICRO  4x1 ? I am trying to interface my ultras...
11 years 1 1388
Roborealm and Delphi [6]
Just open the dll with the following, very easy. No need to fool with xml, the dll does it for you. ...
11 years 6 2676

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