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MSRS on a pc and roborealm on an another one PC [2]
Hello, is it possible to have msrs on a computer and roborealm an another one? Can you explain how to do that ple...
11 year 2 1765
Wiimote [2]
Hello , is it possible to use a wiimote with Roborealm with a bluetooth adaptator? If yes , can somebody explain how to do that?...
11 year 3 2031
AVM navigator:navigation by map obstacle [6]
thanks very much i try it quickly regards ...
12 year 7 3394
AVM navigator:navigation by map obstacle [2]
Hello, how does it works the plugin dectection of obstacle in the avm navigator  used within the navigation by map, i ...
12 year 7 3394
Roomba [5]
Hello again, i think i have found the problem, when the robot move backward the encoder value are erratic, it's happened also w...
12 year 5 3697
Roomba [4]
Hello Steven, thanks for your response. I see counter near zero when i reset roomba completely, but...
12 year 5 3697
Roomba [2]
Hello, i have roborealm 2.37.3 and roomba 535 US model , and i control roomba with roborealm "irobot roomba controler" and it\...
12 year 5 3697
Roomba distance [2]
Hello, there is some variable like "distance" ,or "request velocity" in the roomba module, can you explain how to use it ple...
12 year 2 3414
Sparkfun Arduino control [4]
Hello, thanks for the response. Finaly i decide to use Firmata and processing for controling the arduino, but now, i need to int...
12 year 3 2425
Sparkfun Arduino control [2]
Hello, i appreciate a lot the module Arduino sparkfun, it is very usefull. I have two questions: <...
12 year 3 2425

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