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RR is not free! [9]
It's no steal, it's a great software, and every fantastic thing is illegal, immoral and fattening. Or costs. Bu...
8 years 21 5788
RR is not free! [4]
An extremely bad news......
8 years 21 5788
wireless transmission over serial [6]
I'm sorry for the lack of informations, and I am aware of how difficult it is to talk about every distinctive piece of hardware...
10 years 8 2823
wireless transmission over serial [4]
Very valuable information, STeven! And thanks for a great software! But is there a tutorial or a bigger example wi...
10 years 8 2823
Compass reading [5]
I'm also a beginner so I couldn't help very much, but shouldn't it say 24 degrees? maybe I'm not looking at the right place ...
11 years 4 2691

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