RR is not free!
mehdi from Iran  [32 posts]
15 year
oh my god!
"A 30 day free trial of RoboRealm v2.1.1.3 is available for download!"
i established all my projects on RR and now you say its not free! :(
i live in iran and because of political restriction we have not any international payment method!
its a very very bad news for me!
Anonymous 15 year
Yes, that is correct, RoboRealm is no longer free. In order to support the continued development (and customer support) we also have to make it worth our time ...

S from Romania  [5 posts] 15 year
An extremely bad news...
Nick Matheos  [17 posts] 15 year
I installed the new version and  before I could test new features it said I used up my time already.  I have been watching this program for years and really love it and at say $49 dollars would be a great deal, but $499 is completely out of my price range, especially since I use it mostly for robot models made out of legos.  I will no longer be following the forum daily and one last suggestion would be to make stripped down version for cheaper or something.

It was a nice run, and I wish the roborealm crew good luck.

mehdi from Iran  [32 posts] 15 year
now its not free!
if we pay for it,should we pay again for any upgrade and new feature?
Anonymous 15 year
Yes, we don't make this change lightly but it is necessary.

Nicthegr, the cost is $89.00 and not $499.00 which was the previous commercial license.

With payment you get upgrades for free for the next year. I.e. you can download the application as many times as you want for the next year.

Plus we are also able to focus more on your support requests ...

Michael Kirschner  [8 posts] 15 year
I have been using your software for a year now, for an research project on responsive architecture at the University at Buffalo.

I would be unable to afford $499, especially for school work.

I think $90 is a steal.
S from Romania  [5 posts] 15 year
It's no steal, it's a great software, and every fantastic thing is illegal, immoral and fattening. Or costs.
But for a student  who just found it, it wasn't a nice news.
Josh from United States  [1 posts] 15 year
People should have seen this coming a mile away. Say its "FREE" is just a ploy to get a lot of the bugs in the program fixed having "other" people doing the hard work and spending hours, day's or weeks putting the program through different situations. Of course these people get no credit for there time wasted on a so called free program, only to find out in the end they are charged a high fee for it when the developers think its good enough to now charge a fee for it.

If anyone does some searching on the web, chances are they might find a program to do what they need that is free and been free for many years. I'd say good luck RR, but I won't. You insulted a lot of people who took the time to help you develope the program only to give them a slap in the face in the end.

Its now time for me to move on and find a new program to control my robot. I made up my mind a number of years ago that I'd never pay for another software program, being "burnt" a number of times. I take it even older version's of RR will expire and not work after a certain amount of time. like maybe a year?

RR was a good program but always seemed to be "buggy" and quite slow at times. I guess I can now remove the links to RR from my web site. As for the rest of you, you can do as you wish, as for me I'm getting out of this here and now,
John from Australia  [13 posts] 15 year

Unless the developers of RR had another source of income
and were doing RR as a take it as it was no help offered
piece of software they really had no choice but to charge
for it if they were to keep developing the product. If
someone produces something useful they are entitled being
payed for their labour.

Although hobbyists and students are not going to use it
in a commercial sense they are either getting fun out of
it or an education out of it so it is worth something to
them and so they can decide after the trial period if it
is worth the money being asked.

The solution if you can't afford RR is to write the
modules you need yourself.

Samuel Rosenstein from United States  [30 posts] 15 year
I think it is also really annoying. I am a kid, and I've been using roborealm for 3 or 4 years now. i have done all my cool school projects with robots, and have set up vision systems as a alarm system for my room. I love roborealm, but I can't pay $89 for it. i would buy it if it was maybe 30 or 40, but not 90. I would also help building roborealm, and help make the modules easier to use since I've been using it for a long time. So... PLEASE bring the price down a bit!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
Thanks, and hear my plea,
Sam R.
56656 from Bolivia  [1 posts] 15 year
fuck u all! i based a massive scripton this and now roborealm fucked it up! i will be posting the last copy of roborealm for free! just email me if u want it.
Anonymous 15 year

Sorry to have caused you such grief! If you'd be willing to contact us privately using our contact form I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement that will enable you to continue to use RoboRealm for your projects.

If you could also be more informative as to how RoboRealm let you down we can attempt to address that ASAP.

Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you.
Anonymous 12 year
However you are NOT entitled to start charging for a product which you previously did not charge for. You either have to sell a product from the get-go, or you have to live with the fact that your product is free and you won't be making money for it, because it is ILLEGAL to start charging for a product that previously was free.

If they wanted  the general public to work on bug fixing it for free, or they wouldn't have called it free, but rather beta. I'm guessing they NEVER had planned to charge for it, but then later wished they had charged for it, so then GREEDILLY they started charging for it, which (as I stated in my above paragraph) is illegal.

And as a past user of Roborealm (not a brand new user who just discovered the software), I hope they will take that into consideration and rightfully give me a copy of the latest version for free.
Anonymous from United States  [2 posts] 12 year
The amount of crying and unfounded sense of entitlement in this thread is unbelievable. Shame on you people.
BeWater from Spain  [1 posts] 12 year
Its Okay charged for something you do.  49$ is nothing compared with other Vision Software. The developer (Steven) will put more effort to do and give a better support. Be not miserable

That's right Steven.
Anonymous 12 year
Problem is for every payed thing, there is a free thing.
For Photoshop, you have Gimp as a free replacement.
For Microsoft Quickbasic, yo have QB64 as a free replacement (in fact its interface is identical to Quickbasic).
For MS Office, you have Open Office as a free replacement.

For NI Machine vision, You USED TO have Roborealm as a free replacement. But NO MORE!

I have checked continuously on the net since Roborealm stopped being free, for a free replacement for NI Machine Vision (and now also Roborealm), but there is as of yet NO SOFTWARE trying to fill this role! That destroys the balance of things, because previously for every commercial software there WAS a free equivalent, but now with Roborealm no longer free, there is a VOID in the software world under the category of "Free Machine Vision Software". Sure you have libraries for machine vision that are free, but that's NOT "free machine vision software", it is just a library that allows you to (in conjunction with a programming language such as C) to MAKE machine vision software, but it is not in itself free machine vision software., Without Roborealm being free, there is now NO currently existing software that can trully be called "free machine vision software". That has left a MAJOR GAP in the software world.

If anybody on these forums is willing to try to fix that by making and distributing their own "free machine vision software" (basically filling the role that was at one point filled by Roborealm) I would love to see that. That would once again put a natural "zen" balance back into the software world.
Anonymous from United States  [2 posts] 12 year
Or you know, instead of whining on an internet forum like an indignant child, you could just pay $49.95 for it.

Let me put it this way. A qualified programmer would bill out at $50-100/hour for contract work. They could not even write out a broad project scope in an hour.

Even if you yourself had the skill to write such a program, would the hundreds of hours it would take justify saving $50?

You obviously like the software, why is it so hard for you to justify supporting it's developer?
Anonymous 12 year
What I think is unfair is that the product HAD BEEN free before, and now it has CHANGED to be commercial software. I'd have no problem with if it was commercial software to begin with.

Also, I have what I BELIEVE to be the last free version of RR on my own computer, but I'm not sure. I hope someone knows what the last free version of RR is, so I can see if it is indeed my version. If not, I'll google it, as SOMEONE on the net probably has a download link for it on their own server even. But to execute the Google search I'll need to know the version number of the last free version of RR.
Danh from United States  [79 posts] 12 year
The latest version has things you'll want to use like Object Recognition. Take your energy and post a useful project using RoboRealm on YouTube. Steven has already explained how anyone can qualify for a current copy of Robo Realm by posting an approved project. NO ONE has taken advantage of this yet!
Anonymous 12 year
Does nobody remember what the last version version number is that corresponded to a free version? I would think SOMEBODY would remember that.

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