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compairing variables [4]
thanks for the examl thats helps a lot on a side note . under the currnt trial version roborealm crashes every time i try to use...
6 years 4 1432
compairing variables [2]
How would i compair the the COLOR_SAMPLE_NEAREST Variable from the sample color function to a preset variable in an if command?...
6 years 4 1432
Help with Project [4]
So  teven . I am intending to change DIO lines which will connect to to a robot controlle...
6 years 6 1210
Help with Project [2]
I am currently working on a project where i plan on using roborealm to identify the colour of a randomly supplied sweet and then...
6 years 6 1210
Help with Project [6]
Yea I was planning on changing the DIO lines as you describe. ...
6 years 6 1210

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