compairing variables
Fraser from United Kingdom  [5 posts]
12 year
How would i compair the the COLOR_SAMPLE_NEAREST Variable from the sample color function to a preset variable in an if command?
Anonymous 12 year

It will be an array of strings. Use


in the If Statement module to request the first (0) element of that array.

You will need to download the latest RR for this to work as we updated the If statement to accept this notation (standard in many other modules).

See attached for example.

Fraser from United Kingdom  [5 posts] 12 year
thanks for the examl thats helps a lot on a side note . under the currnt trial version roborealm crashes every time i try to use the serial or arduino modules. running windows 7 32 bit

any ideas?
Anonymous 12 year

Yes, the changes we made to fix the variable comparison caused a serial creation issue. The fix to that was just uploaded. Can you download again and give those modules a try?


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