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API Image display in VB.Net [6]
Thanks Norris, I did have the rr server turned on and I have registered the RR_COM_API.dll file. I had not added ...
9 years 7 4784
API Image display in VB.Net [4]
Hello Norris, Thanks for the link. I think I'm one step before the part where I need to convert th...
9 years 7 4784
API Image display in VB.Net [2]
Hello, I am trying to connect a VB.net applicataion to RR through API. I can get the variables pass...
9 years 7 4784
Serial Receive sequence [3]
Ok, So, now I feel silly. All I had to do was leave off the "\\\\n" or any slashes or n's. Thank...
9 years 2 1052
Serial Receive sequence [2]
Hello, I'm new to RoboRealm, it's way cool! I have been using the Serial module to send/receive d...
9 years 2 1052

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