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Multiple Processing [2]
Hello. I am doing a project with 2 separate camera. Using Mosiac function I can view images, but I need to do sepa...
9 years 6 2272
Detect Horizontal Lines [2]
I want to detect horizontal lines in an Image. How can I do this? I faced one more problem. I can not control the ...
9 years 6 1665
Detect Horizontal Lines [6]
Thank you sir for the robo file. But actually there is vertical white broken lines which the robot should follow and it should s...
9 years 6 1665
Detect Horizontal Lines [4]
Sir, this is pic. of the horizontal line, I want to detect. and I am using the new version driver o...
9 years 6 1665
Webcam Exposure [2]
I want to reduce the exposure of my webcam, how can I do this?...
9 years 2 1652

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