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Face Detection/Recog [2]
Is they're any progress or ETA on Face Detection and Recognition? That's the one thing holding me back from purchasing a licen...
12 years 2 1725
Trendnet TV-IP110W camera and Roborealm woes [6]
STeven, I figured out what my problem was (with exception to the controls issue).. I was using the ...
12 years 5 8863
Trendnet TV-IP110W camera and Roborealm woes [4]
I have a TRENDnet TV-IP110W and, it's not working with the current version of RR. I'm using firmware v1.0.0.89 which is kinda ...
12 years 5 8863
missing documentation for Optical_Flow [3]
Also missing is documentation on Image Match.. Though, it's pretty self explanatory. Would like to know what algorithm is used ...
12 years 3 1715
Reduce CPU Usage. [2]
Is there a way to reduce CPU usage, or slow the pipeline down?  I'm not using the video features all the time, but, w...
12 years 10 1973
Reduce CPU Usage. [10]
OKay, I just tried this via telnet.. and crashed RR after running this twice.. <request><...
12 years 10 1973
Reduce CPU Usage. [8]
OKay, here is the strange thing.. I have it working on turning the camera on / off..  However.. If I start RoboRealm u...
12 years 10 1973
RR Crashing in training with image match [4]
I did some testing.. If I delete the idx file and then re-train, it doesn't crash. Also, I've had...
12 years 4 1557
Detecting room light level [4]
Is there a better way to do this?  I tried this.. and the color statistics module spikes the CPU pretty hard.. 100% on...
12 years 6 1935
Detecting room light level [6]
Thanks for the effort, and thanks for new option in the color_stats module. Thanks, Billy...
12 years 6 1935
Enable/Disable modules via API [2]
I have a need to be able to disable specific modules within the pipeline via the API.  I've looked through the API an...
13 years 2 1499
Putting it all together... [5]
Navigation is what I want to get working first.  The bot is mostly built.. I'm waiting on the sonar and compass to ar...
13 years 4 2135
Putting it all together... [2]
Okay, so, I've selected Roborealm to use on my robot.  I want to write the controller program in either vb or python....
13 years 4 2135
Logitec Orbit [2]
I just noticed that you can't control the Zoom function of the orbit using the Logitech_Orbit module..  Is this somet...
13 years 2 1458
Problems with Logitech Orbit [5]
Any new info on this?...
13 years 13 1998
Problems with Logitech Orbit
Having issues with the Logitech Orbit.  When it moves to the extreme, or you use the home button-- It stops responding...
13 years 13 1998
Problems with Logitech Orbit [4]
I'm using the AF version.  Yes, it happened with the older version of RR, but not as bad, or at least didn't look to...
13 years 13 1998
Problems with Logitech Orbit [13]
I would like to be able to control the zoom via the Orbit module as well....
13 years 13 1998
iRobot Create with serial Cable. [2]
Having issues with Irobot Craete not working correctly when used with a serial cable.  Works fine when used with a BAM...
13 years 1 2375
Analog Input.. [2]
I'm looking for a Analog Input to USB device that will work with RR.  Anyone know of such a thing?
13 years 1 1912

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