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Face Detection/Recog [2]
Is they're any progress or ETA on Face Detection and Recognition? That's the one thing holding me back from purchasing a licen...
8 years 2 1169
Trendnet TV-IP110W camera and Roborealm woes [4]
I have a TRENDnet TV-IP110W and, it's not working with the current version of RR. I'm using firmware v1.0.0.89 which is kinda ...
8 years 5 6238
Trendnet TV-IP110W camera and Roborealm woes [6]
STeven, I figured out what my problem was (with exception to the controls issue).. I was using the ...
8 years 5 6238
missing documentation for Optical_Flow [3]
Also missing is documentation on Image Match.. Though, it's pretty self explanatory. Would like to know what algorithm is used ...
8 years 3 1092
Reduce CPU Usage. [8]
OKay, here is the strange thing.. I have it working on turning the camera on / off..  However.. If I start RoboRealm u...
8 years 10 1248
Reduce CPU Usage. [2]
Is there a way to reduce CPU usage, or slow the pipeline down?  I'm not using the video features all the time, but, w...
8 years 10 1248
Reduce CPU Usage. [10]
OKay, I just tried this via telnet.. and crashed RR after running this twice.. <request><...
8 years 10 1248
RR Crashing in training with image match [4]
I did some testing.. If I delete the idx file and then re-train, it doesn't crash. Also, I've had...
8 years 4 948
Detecting room light level [6]
Thanks for the effort, and thanks for new option in the color_stats module. Thanks, Billy...
8 years 6 1306
Detecting room light level [4]
Is there a better way to do this?  I tried this.. and the color statistics module spikes the CPU pretty hard.. 100% on...
8 years 6 1306
Enable/Disable modules via API [2]
I have a need to be able to disable specific modules within the pipeline via the API.  I've looked through the API an...
9 years 2 944
Putting it all together... [5]
Navigation is what I want to get working first.  The bot is mostly built.. I'm waiting on the sonar and compass to ar...
9 years 4 1368
Putting it all together... [2]
Okay, so, I've selected Roborealm to use on my robot.  I want to write the controller program in either vb or python....
9 years 4 1368
Logitec Orbit [2]
I just noticed that you can't control the Zoom function of the orbit using the Logitech_Orbit module..  Is this somet...
9 years 2 918
Problems with Logitech Orbit [4]
I'm using the AF version.  Yes, it happened with the older version of RR, but not as bad, or at least didn't look to...
9 years 13 1294
Problems with Logitech Orbit [13]
I would like to be able to control the zoom via the Orbit module as well....
9 years 13 1294
Problems with Logitech Orbit [5]
Any new info on this?...
9 years 13 1294
Problems with Logitech Orbit
Having issues with the Logitech Orbit.  When it moves to the extreme, or you use the home button-- It stops responding...
9 years 13 1294
iRobot Create with serial Cable. [2]
Having issues with Irobot Craete not working correctly when used with a serial cable.  Works fine when used with a BAM...
9 years 1 1654
Analog Input.. [2]
I'm looking for a Analog Input to USB device that will work with RR.  Anyone know of such a thing?
9 years 1 1246

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