Enable/Disable modules via API
Billy from United States  [26 posts]
10 years
I have a need to be able to disable specific modules within the pipeline via the API.  I've looked through the API and example API (for python) and can't find anything to do this.. Is this possible? If not, how hard would it be to add this ability to the API?  The reason for this ability is.. I'm using the movement module which pushes the CPU usage way up.. however, I don't want to always use the module.. so, be disabling it, I can save the CPU usage. I know that I could load and unload different .robo files, but that just seems to me to be a little clunky.

Thanks, Billy
Anonymous 10 years

If you include an IF_Statement module around the movement module and specify a custom variable as part of that module you can then use the API to change the value of that variable and cause the module not to be executed. This, in essence, will disable the module but under control of your own variable.


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