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Object Recognition [2]
From where does this module come from? ...
13 year 2 1946
Is it a bug in API [2]
With the help RR API i can communicate with RR, but only for once. For i.e(In VB.NET)::::  &nbs...
13 year 2 2059
Tracking 3 colors [7]
Do you have any other picture with little better picture quality or the original one....
13 year 7 3672
Tracking 3 colors [5]
Why not you use a single color shirt it will be simple....
13 year 7 3672
Coordinates of image match [2]
I want to build a Face Recognition. So,I collected pictures of eyes,nose,lips and ears of many people and created a database of ...
13 year 2 2373
Controlling LED through parallel port [4]
I have connected  positive end of led to "data bit 0" and negative terminal to "ground", there where 11 ground so ...
13 year 4 5629
Controlling LED through parallel port
I have connected one end of LED to "DATA 0"  and other to "GROUND" there where 11 GROUND pin so i have to test in ...
13 year 4 5629
Controlling LED through parallel port [2]
This is my first experiment with Roborealm. It is very simple i just want to control LED from from parallel port using Parallel_...
13 year 4 5629
Connect to excel file [2]
For my project i need to connect to excel file which contain properties of object  and enviroment and if find some new...
13 year 2 5131
Object Tracing [2]
I had made a program which can detect a red ball and can detrmine it location . That is not some thing great but the twist is th...
13 year 2 1972
Time linger in VBScript [2]
Is there any command that that will wait for 50millisecond and then goto next commad. I want to get current COG_X,Y value and CO...
13 year 2 4480

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