Coordinates of image match
Kshitij Burman from India  [10 posts]
13 year
I want to build a Face Recognition. So,I collected pictures of eyes,nose,lips and ears of many people and created a database of it for RR and after that i planned to calculate using VBscript that if the line drawn between both the eye is approximately perpendicular from nose and if possible lips then its a human
but when i open RR, i found that image match did not have any coordinates.
Is there any way to do it.
I found that AVM is nice but is it possible to train it to detect image from my database.
EDV  [328 posts] 13 year
Unfortunately there is not way to train automatically AVM algorithm on your database in AVM Navigator plugin. But you can try to train AVM manually on several men interactively as showed in demonstration video below:

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