Controlling LED through parallel port
Kshitij Burman from India  [10 posts]
13 year
This is my first experiment with Roborealm. It is very simple i just want to control LED from from parallel port using Parallel_port module.I want to make a program which will glow the led in which direction Ball is moving as in picture. I don't know much about programing and how to interface with Parallel port if you could just show me to how switch on off a LED through parallel port it will be helpfull i can make further.

Anonymous 13 year

First thing would be to connect the LED to one of the pins on the parallel port ... be sure you check the volts on the Parallel port are ok with that of the LED first!

Once you have done that you should be able to add in the Parallel port module in the RR pipeline and toggle that pin using the checkbox ... that should switch the led on and off. Be sure you connect and select the right pin otherwise this will not work.

Let me know when you get that far.

Kshitij Burman from India  [10 posts] 13 year
I have connected one end of LED to "DATA 0"  and other to "GROUND" there where 11 GROUND pin so i have to test in each pin once but after that all also, it doesn't work.I was having a lot of hope from Parallel port with RR.
Actually, I have a external parallel port(USB to Parallel port) and  it is 36 pin i think because of that only it is not working . I get the pin arrangment from "http://www.lammertbies.nl/comm/cable/parallel.html"(Right side picture.) .
I have uploaded the picture of my port properties there is no resource tab from where i can get its address.
Kshitij Burman from India  [10 posts] 13 year
I have connected  positive end of led to "data bit 0" and negative terminal to "ground", there where 11 ground so i have to test in each pin but after all that also it didn't work.
Actually i have a external parallel port(usb to parallel port converter) and it is 36 pin .I think that's why it is not working.If some how if i can  get the port address then problem can be solved.
I get the pin arrangement for my port from "http://www.lammertbies.nl/comm/cable/parallel.html"(Right side one).
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Anonymous 13 year

Unfortunately it looks like this module will NOT work with virtual LPT ports. The module was built to work with built in port numbers and will access them directly via hardware. USB attached LPT ports will not work (as we just tested too). As this module was created a while back some computers still had LPT ports built in. As most do not today it is unlikely that this module will be updated to adapt to usb based lpt ports.

If looks like you will need a small MCU between the PC and the device in order to get signals through. Perhaps an Arduino or Basic stamp?


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