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Problem API Execute loading CScript [2]
I am trying to upload to RR using the API execute function. The upload is successful except for the script in the CScript module...
11 year 3 1742
Network Tables [2]
I am intrigued by the Network Tables module. It may be applicable to my project. I am creating a s...
11 year 2 1723
Trival Error [2]
The mouse over description for Set Variable is wrong. It says something about stopping the processing so the pipeline can be res...
11 year 2 2474
Reduce amount of Write Image [3]
You can implement this similar to how I control the size of the AVI file in the attached program. ...
11 year 3 2506
To insert a module in the Pipeline [3]
Sorry, but no answer for you. I am wondering about something similar since I have a really complex set of operations that do not...
11 year 5 3352
Load Image Error [2]
I am getting the error "Unrecognized image type! Please select a jpg, png, gif, etc image file." from the Load Image module wh...
11 year 2 2805
Roborealm in mobile platform [3]
To work use RoboRealm you need a PC....
11 year 2 1793
screen recording [3]
If you want to record the entire screen I do not think that is possible. If you want to capture the processing by RR use Write_A...
11 year 3 3037
Fiducial Questions [8]
How do you handle determine distance given different size images? One image is 8x8 and the other 16...
11 year 9 2723
Fiducial Questions [7]
Took a day to get things setup for capturing this. The snaps labeled 'frame' are from an AVI I c...
11 year 9 2723
Fiducial Questions [5]
I am using RR fiducials renamed. The fiducials directory and the ROBO are in the uploaded zip file.
11 year 9 2723
Fiducial Questions [3]
I was working with the Y_ROTATION, i.e. moving the sides of the fiducial toward or away. The moveme...
11 year 9 2723
Fiducial Questions [2]
Hi STeven, Wrestling with the understanding the details of the outputs from the fiducial module. I ...
11 year 9 2723
Fiducial Questions [10]
Fortunately still had it setup. Hopefully this will show the problem. ...
11 year 9 2723
API Execute Problem [4]
I just remembered I am using an older version of the API so I did not have to change my C++ API. It may not have some of the XML...
11 year 9 2855
API Execute Problem [2]
The uploaded robo file when loaded directly into RR work fine. When the same file is read into my C++ program and transferred to...
11 year 9 2855
API Execute Problem [8]
That did fix it. I am kind of kicking myself because I overran the buffer doing something else and...
11 year 9 2855
API Execute Problem [6]
Just to add something more... I changed my process to write the pipeline script to a file and use l...
11 year 9 2855
API Execute Problem [10]
Thanks for that change. I setup Mosaic quite frequently in my testing so having the formats in there makes it easier. ...
11 year 9 2855
API Execute Problem [5]
I do have the current C++ files. The CPP is from 2/2/13. I zipped my program and the robo files I a...
11 year 9 2855

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