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Head Tracking Demo using RoboRealm [7]
I also found this very interesting and went on to read your blog. It appears we are working in similar directions albeit with di...
14 year 10 8716
Head Tracking Demo using RoboRealm [10]
Patrick, I have just been experimenting with the COG example that comes with RR. Glad I stumbled ba...
14 year 10 8716
Using "Eliminate Global Flow" in the Optical_Flow Module [6]
Hi P & PM, Just stumbled on this thread. I started working with optical flow the last couple of day...
14 year 11 5207
Is this the way to go? Obstacle avoidance [4]
If you look back through the last week of messages you'll find 2 or 3 others about this same problem. I know I posted a message...
14 year 8 4579
General Guidance on Design [18]
This is all interesting information. One additional factor not mentioned is weight. Is there much ...
14 year 19 3704
General Guidance on Design [2]
I am starting on a project using an iRobot Create, a Fit PC Lite, i2c sensors, and a web cam. The Fit PC will run all the softwa...
14 year 19 3704
General Guidance on Design [11]
Patrick, I remember I did have the camera on the Fit PC running RR sometime in the midst of the hol...
14 year 19 3704
General Guidance on Design [7]
Hi Patrick, My Fit PC is not as fast as your netbook, only 500 Mhz with an AMD Geode LX800. Specs a...
14 year 19 3704
General Guidance on Design [4]
I experimented last night with the Create module without concern about video processing. If the camera is turned off, since I do...
14 year 19 3704
iRobot Create Module Problem [3]
I updated to RR 2.14.1. This problem still exists. Here is some more information. From the .robo fi...
14 year 3 3459
iRobot Create Module Problem [2]
I am working with the API to control my Create using the module. Here is a snippet from the .robo file:
14 year 3 3459
Using Multiple USB Web Cam in Win XP [2]
I tried to run multiple USB web cam under XP SP3. The first camera works but the second always gets an error that it cannot run....
11 year 4 3375
To insert a module in the Pipeline [3]
Sorry, but no answer for you. I am wondering about something similar since I have a really complex set of operations that do not...
11 year 5 3349
Write AVI Crashes [3]
This one is more of a "Isn't that interesting?" report. A zip file is attached with a robo and two AVI files. ...
11 year 3 3166
Write AVI Crashes [2]
Sent in a crash report on this. The robo file is attached.  This is version 2.48.0. Write...
11 year 3 3166
screen recording [3]
If you want to record the entire screen I do not think that is possible. If you want to capture the processing by RR use Write_A...
11 year 3 3034
Media Reader Crashes RR [7]
That was totally dumb on my part. Of course! Here it is. ...
11 year 7 2955
Media Reader Crashes RR [5]
I see the upload makes a generic file name. It is a WMV file that I changed to ROBO since I didn't know if WMV would upload as ...
11 year 7 2955
Media Reader Crashes RR [4]
A short video attached. I am using Prism Video File Converter to go from my cameras MTS to other fo...
11 year 7 2955
Media Reader Crashes RR [2]
RR is crashing when the Media Reader module is opened and (1) I click on reset or (2) I click on start with a WMV file selected....
11 year 7 2955

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