To insert a module in the Pipeline
11 year
Hi to the users of this forum,

I have a question to do, and I hope that someone has a solution.

I would want to know if it is possible to insert a Module in the VBScript, and how.

For example: if i write some code with "If....then", later i would want to insert as a result a Module in consequence of the condition that is verified.

Thanks to whom will answer me.
from United States  [60 posts] 11 year
Sorry, but no answer for you. I am wondering about something similar since I have a really complex set of operations that do not always need to be active. It would be good to load and remove them as conditions demand.

If you don't have a complex pipeline could you enable and disable the modules as you do or do not need them?
Anonymous 11 year
Thanks however for the answer.

I don't have a complex pipeline, therefore, I will try to disable the modules that don't need me.

Surely not all the modules can be inserted, and perhaps, someone can to be inserted, as, the mouse module.
I have tried to make a test to try RR, but without positive results.

e.g.) In the VBScript, after a verified condition, as to click in one determined position.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 11 year
An easier way is to use an IF Statement module around modules that you do or do not want to enable. Based on a variable set in VB the modules would then execute or not. You can create several of these to change how the pipeline executes.

David Chik from Japan  [31 posts] 11 year
I am also developing a huge complex program. At first I wish to make the whole thing self-contained in a code, but now I started to understand the logic of RoboRealm.

We need to separate the "concept" level from the "implementation" level. In VBScript module I write the concept as to how to control some variables. And in the pipeline using IF Statement module I set the implementation as to how variables control the robot. Understanding this separation makes it easier to design the program.

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