USA Robot Stores

Abe Howell's Robotics
Abraham L. Howell, the founder of Abe Howell's Robotics, started the website to help satisfy the need for low cost educational robots.

Provides kits, sensors, controllers, books, batteries, and Lego items. Also has an active forum, several articles and "How To" guide.

Adafruit was founded in 2005 by MIT engineer, Limor "Ladyada" Fried. Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. Over the last 6 years Adafruit has grown to over 45 employees in the heart of NYC.

Arrick Robotics
Stepper motor, Positioning, Automation, Mobile Robots, and one of the largest Resources section for robotics.

Hubs, Electronic Speed controls, Gears and some of the nicest wheels for Robot projects.

Bilibot Project
The Bilibot Project started at MIT through the exploration of what could be done with the new Kinect sensor. Bilibot is designed primarily for the education and hobbyist communities.

BirdBrain Technologies, LLC.
BirdBrain Technologies LLC is devoted to creating robots and other electronics that educate and inspire by enabling students to be creative in ways that are relevant to their natural interests. They see their products as part of a larger educational system, and seek to make them useful to educators by providing sample curricula, community collaboration spaces, and detailed documentation.

Blue Wolf Robotics
Creators of the FlashFly Wireless Programming Kit and offers other robotic related items in their store front.

Budget Robotics
Robot Kits, robotics kits, robot parts, educational robots, amateur robots. The purpose of this family-run business is to provide low-cost parts and kits to the amateur robot builder. Their emphasis is on affordability.

Produces a high quality aluminum kit that can be used to create various robotic projects including the HexCrawler and various robotic arms. They also stock the Dynamixel line of actuators.

Circuit Specialists Inc.
Provides high performance, durable and reliable Nema 17 stepper motors available in different sizes, speeds, and wire configurations.

Dr Robot Inc
Build robots, robot kits, motor driver, servo controller, sensors, Dr Robot developes technologies related to robotic toys, consumer robotic devices, and high-level interactive tools.

DC Drive
Driveswarehouse stocks a wide variety of AC Motors and DC Motors. All products from Driveswarehouse are backed up 12 months warranty and tech. support by a company that has been in drives business over 45 years.

Electronic Kits
Offers a wide range of Educational Electronic Kits, Robotic Kits, and Hobby Projects.

Element Direct
Offers several accessories for the iRobot Create including the BAM (Bluetooth Adapter Module) which provides a virtual serial port connection between the PC and the Create.

Endurance R/C
Provides an 8 Servo Controller and the PCTx - a device to control an R/C model or Robot from your Windows PC via the existing radio system!

A supply store for people who want to build robots, electronic gadgets, kinetic art or anything else that moves, beeps or flashes

IMAGES Scientific Instruments
Information and supplies for science fair projects regarding physics, computers, electronics and robotics. Featuring: electronics, robotics, speech recognition, geiger counters, ecoSpheres, nitinol, sma, pic, microcontrollers, picbasic, picbasic pro, and more.

IMRobotics Inc
IMRobotics focus is to provide a variety of hardware, software and development tools to help you get started in robotics. To those looking for complete development platforms, IMRobotics has partnered with leading robotics manufactures to make their products available or they can design and build custom hardware or applications to meet your unique situation.

Inspector Bots
Distributes inspection robots that are remotely operated, electric vehicles designed to go where it is difficult, dangerous, hazardous, lethal, toxic or just too hostile for humans to go. They are rugged, wireless, remotely controlled multi-function platforms which can be configured for a variety of applications.

Electronic components distributor with great prices offering semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical , power sources, specialty products. Has a nice section for Robotics that includes Motor/Servo Controllers, Sensors, Batteries, etc.

Educational sales has been their business for the past 26 years. Kits USA has built a reputation as a leading discount distributor of educational kits.

Note that the Lynxmotion company has been purchased by RobotShop. Please see RobotShop for Lynxmotion products.

MarkIII Robot Store
Distributes the Mark III robot whose hardware design, including schematics and PCB layout are Copyright (C) 2002 Portland Area Robotics Society (the PARTS robot club).

Microbric is an electronic construction set based upon the construction style/concept of both Lego® and Meccano®. Microbric allows users to build complex customised electronic devices with little or no prior electronics knowledge.

Micromagic Systems
Find news and info on the latest creations from the lab of Micromagic Systems (animatronic film company), as well as a fully-functioning e-store where you can buy kits, electronics and parts to realize your own designs and builds.

Servo Control and Power Electronics Products for robot heads, walking robots, and sumo robots.

mindsensors.com is a designer and makersof custom sensors, multiplexers and several devices for hobby robotics. They offer many enhancements to the Lego NXT platform including the NXTServo and the NXTCam.

Open Source Robotics
White the website is new the OSBots team has been working in the robotics industry since 1996 when they started building robots for Robot Wars and later BattleBots. Since then they have partnered with Surveyor Corp. to bring you the coolest battle proven open source robotic platforms available.

The store for Basic Stamp's and servo control hardware.

Phidgets are an easy to use set of building blocks for low cost sensing and control from your PC using the Universal Serial Bus (USB) as the basis for all Phidgets.

Robot kits, robot parts, and robot electronics. Shipping is free for U.S. orders over $25.

Exclusive distributor for RCRover line of RFO and DIY man portable robots and unmanned ground vehicles in addition to a variety of exclusive and intelligent toys, small, medium, and large robotics platforms. Software customization is available from RCRover®.

RoadNarrows Robotics™ is the primary business of RoadNarrows LLC, a Colorado, U.S.A. based company. RoadNarrows specializes in robotics for the research and education markets. They sell and provide technical support for some of the most popular robotic product lines accepted by the academic community.

Robe:Do Robotics
Custom built, assembled and tested robots; plus a mashup of accessories.

Roboporium is an online community for bipedal robot kits, tracked robots and robotics accessories. The company also hosts a fledgling educational robotics initiative called Robot P.E.T.S. (Robots Promoting Education Through Science), which is sponsored by their parent company, KumoTek Robotics. Roboporium strives to promote education in science and engineering through robotics at the primary and secondary school level.

Robot Add-Ons
Robot Add-ons founded by iRobot alumni offers enhancements and accessories for consumer appliance robots such as the iRobot Roomba and Scooba. Their patented products include HPEA filters, soft bumpers, Swiffer like pads, etc... all designed to improve the performance of the robot.

A large selection of robotics books, robot toys, movies, educational toys, magazines, motors, and robot kits

Robot Bargins
The Robotic Kit and Component Superstore

Roboteq’s mission is to develop products and technologies that allow novices and professionals alike to build innovative, flexible and affordable mobile robots.

Robotics And Things
Distributes the ROBOTIX kit. ROBOTIX kits allows children the ability to create, develop, be educated and entertained. The complete Library of ROBOTIX Parts are available to further enhance the ROBOTIX Experience and All ROBOTIX Sets & Parts are Fully Expandable and Interchangeable with each other.

Jameco Robot Store
In 2005, Jameco Electronics purchased RobotStore.com aka Modo-tronics to expand their existing line of robot products. With plans to become the one-stop site for the robotics community, Jameco is expanding the depth and breadth of product and service offerings on a monthy basis.

Robotics Connection
The Robotics Connection store is a source for programmable robot kits, cmucam2 turrets, sensors, microcontrollers, and platforms for professionals, hobbyists, teachers, and educators wishing to develop or teach students about robotics technology and software in the classroom.

The Robot MarketPlace
Your one-stop Robot Shop. Huge selection of radio controlled robot parts (motors, electronics, batteries), as well as kits, tools, books, toys, videos and more. Build your own BattleBot.

Robot Simple
Selection of servo, motor, and robot controllers, as well as carrier boards and robot kits. Free shipping worldwide. They try to keep it Simple.

Rolling Robots
Robot Battle Game, Robotics Workshops and Robot Building Birthday Parties. Robot toys and kits for all ages.

Roomba Scooba Repair Service, Models, Parts and Accessories. Roomba Exchange is one of the few suppliers of new and reconditioned iRobot Roomba Parts and accessories. Roomba Exchange is not connected or affiliated with iRobot in any way.

Launched in 2001, ServoCity.com is a online storefront that provides a large selection of mechanical components for use in robotics, R/C applications, animatronics, videography, photography, industrial projects, and a wide array of other fields.

SparkFun Electronics
SparkFun believes everyone should have the tools, hardware, and resources to play with cool electronic gadgetry. SparkFun's goal is to get their hands on current technology and information and pass it on to their customers. They set out to make finding the parts and information you need easier, more intuitive, and affordable so you can create awesome projects. Great place to find robotic components!

Surveyor Corporation
Surveyor Corporation is the leading developer of foundation technologies for visual connectivity. Their flagship product is the SRV-1. Designed for research, education, and exploration, Surveyor's SRV-1 internet-controlled robot integrates a 60MIPS ARM7TDMI 32-bit processor, a digital video camera with resolution from 80x64 to 640x480 pixels, infrared sensors, and Zigbee 802.15.4 wireless communications on a dual-motor tracked mobile robotic base.

SuperDroid Robots
SuperDroid Robots provides a wide range of robot kits. Their specialty is building custom robots and robot related projects. They also provide all the parts and accessories you need to build your own robot. Additionally, they sell specialized components that can be used for robotics and many other applications such cameras and RS232 TTL converter cables.

Tinkersphere hopes to inspire, educate and empower tinkerers of all ages by providing a range of toys, crafts, robot kits, and hobby electronic kits for all skill levels.

Total Robots Ltd
Sells high quality robot kits and components, and control products and accessories.

Trossen Robotics
Trossen Robotics promotes themselves as the first real hardware store for robot developers. They stock a wide selection of robot kits, parts, modules, controllers, and sensors for the educational markets and the serious hobbyist. Trossen Robotics has a special focus on PC based robotics and is also developing an open standard for the community to be released this spring.

Produces OCULUS which is a USB powered, motorized frame system, that incorporates a small laptop, to become a Telerobotic, Remotely Operated Vehicle

Zagros Robotics
Specializes in mobile robots, mobile robot parts, sensors, sonar, and mobile robot platforms.

Canadian Robot Stores

Clearpath Robotics
Clearpath Robotics specializes in the design and manufacture of robust and reliable unmanned vehicle solutions for educational, institutional, and industrial R&D. They are an official distributor of the TurtleBot.

Diigiit Robotics
Offers a wide range of hardware from electronic components, microcontrollers, sensors, actuators to mechanical parts and robotic kits. If you find any item cheaper on another website that provides a wide range of product category like they do they will attempt to match the price.

Canadian made by DJ Sures, the EZ-B offers a new method of building DIY robots and electronic projects. The EZ-B is a robot controller that connects to your computer over Bluetooth. The EZ-Builder software on your computer controls the output of the EZ-B Robot Controller. You can connect a range of Add-Ons to the EZ-B; including Distance Sensors, LEDs, Servos, MIDI Instruments, TellyMate, Digital Displays, Motor Controllers, iRobot Roomba, and more. Many examples of converting old RC based products into autonomous robots.

Fingertech Robotics
Canadian manufacturer of RC hobby robotics parts. A design and manufacturing company that produces custom purpose-built electronics, mechanical parts, hardware, and accessories for hobby robotics. These products as well as complimentary robotic components are offered in the online store.

HUV Robotics
Sells Bioloid Bus device boards that can be daisy-chained along with the AX-12s of a Bioloid robot

RobotBuy is an Ontario based distribution source of varieties of robot products such as Domestic Robots, Pet care Robot kits, Robot Toys, Robot Educational and Development kits and robot building tools and equipment.

RobotCraft is a Canadian retailer of robotic components located in London, Ontario. They collect components from multiple places and re-sell them to Canadian roboteers at lower prices by reducing the shipping and customs fees that you have to pay once your items cross the border into the country.

RobotShop is the largest online robotic store that ships worldwide. They have warehouses in United States, Canada and France. You will find personal robots, robot toys, robot kits and robot parts to build your own robots. RobotShop provides a diverse product selection, educational and quantity discounts, useful resources and specialized support.

International Robot Stores

Active Robots (United Kingdom)
Offers a range of innovative products, including robot kits, controllers and accessories, along with sensors, advanced DC and stepper motor control and other electronic and electrical accessories. Many products are designed for several applications and are presently used for teaching Maths, Design, Computing, Information Technology, Communication and Engineering Control.

Arexx Engineering (The Netherlands)
AREXX Engineering has the goal to develop, manufacture and sell electronic kits, electronic gadgets and robotics which are convenient, educational, favorably priced and lots of fun for schools and hobbyists. They also sell the Robby RP5 and ASURO robots.

BotBuilder.co.uk (UK)
Distributes the BaseBot, BoxBot and various sensors, servo controllers, etc. to be used with these kits and others. Completely Arduino compatible!

DFRobot (China)
DFRobot is a professional robot technology developer, with a focus on open source hardware, mobile robot platform, and robot sensors. Their first product, the URM37 V3.2 ultrasonic sensor, is becoming a popular distance sensor in the robotics market. The official Arduino distributor in China and makers of the "DFRduino" which provides the same Arduino features but at a lower cost. DFRduino has a range of shields and sensors that can match most education, prototyping, DIY projects and research purpose.

DNA Techology (India)
An Indian online retail store for electronic components, sensors, Robotics and all stuff required to make electronics project work. They cater to student, hobbyist, and industries as well. A fast growing R&D firm with in house manufacturing and online as well as local shop located in "Wine Capital of India" Nashik.

Easy Robots (Poland)
Easy Robot is a source for high quality mechanics and electronics for people who want to build robots. They are also a producer of legged robots for education. Online and offline shop is based in Poland.

Generation Robots
Specialized in programmable robots, Generation Robots is a leading provider of programmable robotics kits, various sensors, accessories and state of the art softwares for individuals, academics and schools.

Gimson Robotics (UK)
Gimson Robotics is a UK based manufacturer and stockist of components for many applications from robotics through to special effects. The product range includes DC motors and actuators along with wheels and electrical connectors, many of which are ideal for medium to large scale robots. International shipping is available.

K-Team (Switzerland)
K-Team Corporation is a Swiss company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality mobile robots for use in advanced education and research. The Khepera Linecard is frequently used for academic research, while the Hemisson robot is designed for teachers and hobbyists. The KoreBot Linecard based on the KoreBot advanced miniature single board controller is a good solution for Automation and custom robotics developments.

Millswood Engineering (Australia)
Millswood Engineering is a small electrical & electronic engineering company located in Adelaide, South Australia. Their mission is to make innovative and meticulously engineered products, principally for radio-controlled and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Design work is all done by professional engineers, and have particular expertise in analogue and RF circuit design and optimisation.

Modelix Robotica (Brazil)
Modelix is a Brazilian Company which offers an open end robotics platform for classrooms and hobbysts. They are focused on component solutions for construction of structures, such as sensors and actuators ( geared motors, light sensors, etc.). The platform allows Modelix the construction of robotics projects in 4 modes: standalone mode (sensors directly command actuators), microcontroller, radio frequency, and hybrid (microcontroller with radio frequency).

NEX-Robotics (India)
Nex Robotics was founded in summer of 2006 by faculty and students of IIT Bombay who are passionate about designing products in robotics and embedded systems. Their product list includes the FireBird line of robot products as well as the SPARK IV software system.

Nexus Robot (China)
Established in 2010, located in the city of manufacturing Dongguan China. Nexus Robot grew out of a desire to take the rocket science out of robotics and bring real world applications to non technical consumers, gamers, serious customers and robotic developers. Supported by strong practical experience, Nexus Robot is committed to the development of easy-to-use robots for everyday use and are passionate about expanding robotic technology to its full potential.

Pc Control Limited (England)
Providing a wide range of input and output options this range of control boards make PC automation and control very easy.

Probotics (The Netherlands)
Probotics aims to provide robotic components, software, kits and knowledge to young people, students, teachers hobbyists and professional users. There are many shops supplying electronics, but few are specialized in robotics in Europe. In addition to robotics components they want to provide educational material to assist people in building their own robots.

Probots (Bangalore, India)
A source for high quality electronics and robotics development boards, products, services and components. Large range and high quality at the lowest price. Based in Bangalore, India.

Robosoft Systems (India)
Robosoft Systems® is a young & dynamic organization from India. Just two years into its inception & the company is creating waves in the design and manufacture of various robotics kits, components and niche industrial products. Everyone associated with Robosoft Systems, share a common vision of contributing actively to changing the educational landscape of India when it comes to robotics.

Robot Gear (Australia)
RobotGear is an Australian robotics store suppling a range of robot kits and parts such as sensors, motor drivers, hardware and microcontrollers for hobby, educational and research robot fun.

RobotMexico (Mexico)
Online store that includes electronic components and accessories for your robot.

RobotEShop (Australia)
RoboteShop is an Australian based robot online retail store.

Robot Store (Hong Kong)
Offers serveral robot parts including the MIT Handyboard system, LEGO, Tamiya models and OWI kits.

Robotics World (Singapore)
Offers serveral robots including the Sputnik, Scout, SRV-1 Blacfin Camera and various robotic components.

Robu.in (India)
Robu.in is a company that develops as well as distributes mechanical and electronic tools and services across the globe. They develop and distribute commercial off the shelf technology tools and innovations.

Sedonia Technologies
Sedonia Technologies Ltd. was founded in January 2006 and takes a leading role in the New Zealand and Australian electronic and robotics market, by actively keeping up-to-date with the latest technology. The company is heavily involved in the latest technology with its R&D department as well as through its collaboration with its local and international partners. Sedonia Technologies Ltd aims to provide the best possible technological solution for their clients in Australia, New Zealand and abroad.

Seeed (China)
Seeed Studio is an open hardware facilitation company based in Shenzhen, China. They carry inventory from community innovators.

Singapore Robotics (Singapore)
Since 2004, Singapore Robotic has been a leading supplier of the quality products to academic institutions, research labs, creative industries and individual with clientele located in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and other Asia countries. Their business philosophy was based on exceptional service, selection, quality and value. By maintaining strong, long-standing partnerships with industry-leading suppliers, Singapore Robotic customers are assured of quality and wide selection of products. They are committed to provide maximum value to their customers and continuously be the leading supplier of sensors, robot and development tools in their region.

tech-supplies (United Kingdom)
An online shop for PICAXE, electronic, robotic and educational technology projects. The site provides a one-stop shop for students and hobbyists looking for resources for electronic and robotic projects.

Tenet Technetronics (India)

ThinnkWare, A venture of KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd. (Noida, India)
RoBoNiche - An online store for Robotic kits for Kids to hobbyists, Microcontroller self learning kits, Development boards, sensor modules & Robotics parts etc.

Tribotix (Australia)
Tribotix was established in 2004 to introduce affordable robotic equipment to educational institutions in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asian countries. The majority of their products (small humanoid robots) are currently imported from South Korea and Japan.

VegaRoboKit (India)
Vegarobokit was started in the 2008, to design and develop hardware and software products in the field of electronics and robotics. Their catalog includes gear motors, servo motors, tires, chasis, microcontroller boards and sensors.

Industrial Robots/Automation

AutomationDirect was one of the first in the industrial automation industry to employ direct marketing strategies to reach its customers. AutomationDirect's ability to sell high-technology automation products directly to the consumer allow for very low prices. The provide the consumer an alternative to traditional "big company" suppliers.

With more than 30 years of experience and 4,000 robotic systems installed, Acieta is leading the way in automation technology. Acieta also hold industry certifications from the Robotic Industries Association and FANUC.

The West's Largest Dealer of Electric Motors, Drives & Generators. Whether you are looking for a replacement motor or drive for an existing application, a complete industrial backup generator system, or a customized turn-key system with both a motor and custom motor contol panel, EMC has a solution for you and your company.

Eurobots-IME specializes in used industrial robots, offering customers a single source for used robot sales, robot parts, and industrial automation. They stock a large variety of used robots: KUKA, ABB, FANUC, STAUBLI, MOTOMAN, etc., as well as a range of robotic parts store in their warehouses. They offer low cost used robots for many manufacturing applications plus creation of robotic tooling devices for robotic systems through their automation partners. They can deliver robots and spare parts worldwide.

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