Developing pick and place robot using RoboRealm

New Motion Spider Robot

Here is a description of the project that Patrick de Boever worked on as a part-time senior consultant at the HZ in Vlissingen Netherlands. The HPI (High Performance Incubator) is a project based educational program focused on a wide range of projects concerning all disciplines of this education like mechatronics design, HRM, market strategy, business development, etc.

In this project the group (5 students and senior) was assigned to develop a Delta type robot for pick and place application using CodeSys for the motion and RoboRealm to do the vision. The objects to be detected are cookies.

Color, size, orientation and position are calculated by RoboRealm and transmitted using UDP.

Using footage the company New Motion, Middelburg NL, took of a conveyor belt with different types of cookies the optimal filters and algorithms could be selected off-line.

New Motion is constructing the prototype (photo courtesy New Motion) at this moment and plans on the product release in the fall of 2010. The HPI student consultancy team is proud of being a part of this development process.

Serenity Systems DesignPatrick de Boevere, Senior Consultant
HPIJan Mastenbroek, Ingvar Nordin, Joeri van Seters, Mark Steketee, Arnold Dek
New MotionCompany developing robot