EvilTurtle Wins RoboMagellan at RoboGames

Mt. SAC Robotics Team from right to left the people are James, Richie, Brandon, Professor Martin Mason, Tommy and Camp the RoboMagellan director.

Mt. SAC Robotics Team placed first in RoboMagellan with their "Evil Turtle" robot. Evil Turtle runs RoboRealm on-board. The Evil Turtle was the only robot this year that was able to reach the Finish Cone.

The RoboMagellan contest requires robots to make their way through an outdoor course going to various GPS centered orange cones as waypoints without any human control. The autonomous robots must avoid obstacles along the way. The start and end points are never line-of-site. Scoring is based on both speed and accuracy.

Orange cones are placed through the course. If a robot can touch but not run over a cone additional points are added. The team successfully used RoboRealm to identify these cones.

Congratulations go out to the team for a great robotic project!

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