Temporal Bilateral Filter

This module is similar to the Average module in that it operates on past frames in order to produce a more stable current frame. The difference with the Average module is that the Temporal Bilateral filter will perform a bilateral filter over the past X frames. This basically means that the current pixel value for a particular x,y coordinate is compared with the past X frames. Where the difference is lower than the specified amount the pixel is added into an accumulator to create the final new value of the pixel. This has a similar stabilizing effect as with the Averaging module but preserves moving edges without the ghosting effect seen with the Average filter.



1. Filter over - Select how many past frames should be considered when creating the new pixel value

2. Continuous - Select continuous if the frames should be keep updating with scene changes

3. Threshold - The similarity threshold used when comparing the current image frame with the past images. Pixels that are within the difference threshold are averaged together to form the current pixel. Those that are outside of the range are ignored.

Note that in order to memorize past frames significant memory resources may be utilized to create enough room to store the past X frames. If your computer does not have enough memory resources for the given frame number either decrease the frame size or the number of frames used in the analysis.

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