Salt & Pepper

The Salt and Pepper filter will remove "hotspots" in the image. Hotspots are defined as those pixels whose intensity values are abnormally higher (salt) or lower (pepper) than the immediate surrounding. The filter will determine what the average intensity is around a particular pixel and then based on a similarity set the pixel to that average value if the pixels value is above that similarity threshold.

This filter is most useful in astronomic images that contain noise from long exposure CCD devices.



1. Speck Size - Select the speck size that you want to remove from the image.

2. Sensitivity - Select how much a suspect pixel needs to be different from the neighborhood mean to be considered a speck. The smaller the number the more sensitive it will be. At a level of 1 the filter will act as a mean filter, at 255 the filter will produce minimal change.


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Salt and Pepper Noise - Wikipedia

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