Phidgets Accelerometer

The Phidgets Accelerometer module provides an interface to the Phidgets Accelerometer. Using this module you can read all 3 axis of the Accelerometer by accessing the appropriate variables created by this module.

Note that the simulation graphic uses Axis1 and Axis2 for tilt sensing and checks Axis 3 to determine if the device is upside down. Keep in mind that the Accelerometer only measures tilt and NOT orientation (Z axis) and thus the simulation graphic will assume you are holding the device with the USB cable connection oriented towards you.



1. Plug in the Accelerometer and tilt the device forwards and backwards. You should see the Axis values change and the graphic simulation move in response to the device. The simulation attempts to indicate what orientation the device is as if it is held flat to the ground.

2. Smooth - if the device is not as responsive as you would like try reducing the smooth value. This will allow the numbers to be much more reactive but may also cause some unwanted jitter due to noise in the determined values. By decreasing the smooth value you make the device much more responsive to movement, increasing the value will delay the sharpness of the movement but also make it much more smooth. Note this is reflected in the simulation graphic.


PHIDGET_AXIS_1 - the current value of Axis 1
PHIDGET_AXIS_2 - the current value of Axis 2
PHIDGET_AXIS_3 - the current value of Axis 3

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Phidgets Accelerometer

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