The LED-Wiz module provides an interface to the LED-Wiz board by IDVT Inc. / www.GroovyGameGear.com. The board provides for 32 Led switches that can be controlled by your PC via USB.

You need only connect the LED-Wiz to your computer to experiment with this module. The application server that comes with the LED-Wiz need not and should not be running with using the LED-Wiz with RoboRealm. Once connected you can change the profile dropdowns to switch the LEDs to different states. The LED should change as soon as the dropdown menu is selected.



1. Data Pins - For each Pin # chose the variable that will contain a value that indicates that the corresponding LED is to be switched on.

2. Bit - Select which bit of the variable's data should be used to indicate on/off state. Note that this is useful if you wish to switch LEDs on or off to represent a binary value. This field is ignored by the Intensity Mode.

3. Profile - Select what kind of profile the LED should reflect.

0 - switch the LED off
12 : 48 - various intensity levels with 48 being the maximum LED intensity
Ramp Up / Dn - Slowly increase the LED intensity to a maximum, then switch it off and repeat.
On / Off - Switch the LED to full brightness and then switch it off, i.e. flash.
On / Ramp Dn - Start with the LED in full brightness and slowly decrease its intensity to zero. Then start again.

4. Buttons All On - All Off - All On / Off - All Ramp - sets all the LEDs to the specified profile.

5. Global Pulse Speed - Select the speed at which the LED should flash for the On / Off profile or increase / decrease intensity for the ramp profiles.

The Variable value can contain a number from 0 to 48 which would cause the LED intensity to change to that appropriate number. Note the dropdown profile only shows a subset of the numbers from 0 to 48 to conserve space. You can also set the variable's value to "Ramp Up / Dn" to set the LED to a different profile. The module will determine what to do based on the variable value (i.e. a number means intensity, otherwise a specific profile is enabled).

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